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MJHS - Editorial Board Committee


Editor in Chief

Dr. Khaled M. Al-abdulwahab

Associate Professor and Dean of College of Medicine



Dr. Abdul Aziz Bin Dukhyil

Associate Professor – Biochemistry and Molecular Biology


Prof. S. Karthiga Kannan

Professor – Oral Medicine and Radiology


Dr. Elsadig Yousif Mohamed

Associate Professor – Community Medicine


Dr. Khalid El Tohami Medani (Secretary)

Assistant Professor – Community Medicine


Dr. Mohamed Sherif Sirajudeen

Assistant Professor – Neuromusculoskeletal Rehabilitation


Dr. Shaik Abdul Rahim

Assistant Professor – Neuromusculoskeletal Rehabilitation


MJHS - International Editorial Advisory Board


Professor. Dr. Abdullah Alkhenizan

Professor- Family Medicine
King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center,
Alfaisal University,
Saudi Arabia

Dr. G. Arun Maiya 

Dean -School of Allied Health Sciences
Professor- Dept. of Physiotherapy, SOAHS, MAHE
Chief- Centre for Diabetic Foot Care & Research-Kasturba Hospital
Manipal, India

Dr. Kandasamy Ganesan 

Consultant and Senior lecturer - Oral Surgery
Southend University Hospitals NHS Trust and University of Leeds
United Kingdom

Professor. Mark Slevin 

Professor- Cell Pathology,
Manchester Metropolitan University
United Kingdom

Professor. Mazen Khalil Qato 

Professor- Pharmacology, Medical Education
UIC, College of Medicine
United States of America

Professor. Mohamed Ahmed Abdeladir Elimam Ounsa 

Dean - Faculty of Graduate Studies and Scientific Research
Professor- Obstetrics and Gynaecology,
The National Ribat University

Professor. Mohammed Othman AlRukban 

Professor- Family Medicine,
King Saud University
Saudi Arabia

Dr. Qaiser Iftikhar Sheikh

Lecturer- Molecular Biology and Biotechnology,
University of Sheffield
England, United Kingdom

Professor. Sayed Tantawy

Professor- Physiotherapy,
College of Medical and Health Sciences,
Ahlia University,

Professor. Dr. B.P. Shelley

Professor and Head – Dept. of Neurology,
Yenepoya Medical College,
Mangalore, India

MJHS - Associate Editors


Dr. Asad Farhan

Assistant Professor – Pediatrics


Dr. Kamran Afzal

Lecturer – Physiology


Dr. Manikandan Palanisamy

Associate Professor – Microbiology


Dr. Moattar Raza Rizvi 

Assistant Professor – Medical Physiology


Dr. Mohammad Alkhamees 

Assistant Professor – Urology


Dr. Mohammed Nazeer 

Assistant Professor – Anatomy


Dr. Mohamed Ibrahem Waly

Assistant Professor – Biomedical and System Engineering


Dr. Naser Ashraf Tadvi 

Assistant Professor – Pharmacology


Dr. Roshan Uthappa

Associate Professor -  Restorative Dental Sciences


Dr. Saleem Shaikh

 Lecturer - Oral Pathology


Dr. Syed Meraj Ahmed

 Assistant Professor - Public Health


Dr. Syed Yousaf Kazmi

 Assistant Professor - Microbiology


Dr. Toby Thomas

 Associate Professor - Restorative Dental Sciences


Dr. Waqas Sami

 Lecturer - Biostatistics



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    Majmaah J Heal Sci. 2018; 6(1): 34-41
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    Majmaah J Heal Sci. 2013; 1(2): 43-48
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